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Empower a Child. A family. A community. Through our Shine Sponsorship program, you can make an impact that allows a child to rise above generational cycles of poverty by giving access to opportunity. Clean water, food, education, healthcare, and protection. Regular discipleship and mentorship allow these precious kids to shine bright in their communities, as they experience the power of the saving love of Christ.

What is our Shine Sponsorship Program All About?

We run one of our ministry programs in a garbage dump community, meaning the children and families we serve live and work in and around the local garbage dump, picking through all the trash to find plastic and glass to sell to the recycling center.

We believe in empowering children and their families to be the change in their communities. This is the best solution out of generational cycles of poverty. Promoting dignity and respect in each individual, our program aids in the essentials of life. Clean water, food, education, healthcare, safe homes, and economic development. We focus on making sure all the child’s needs are met and work holistically with the family and community to transform their future. Our children and their families must commit to attending school, and regular meetings with our ministry team to assess needs and growth. As we walk alongside these kids in the basic necessities of life we are discipling them as well, as they grow in their knowledge of what it means to follow Christ. God alone is the answer to lasting change in these kids lives. Sponsorships are set at $35 Monthly. (Canadian)

13 kids waiting

13 More Children Need a Sponsor

$35 per child

2024 Currently Sponsored

47 Children

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13 Children

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Total profit will support the vulnerable children we serve in our SHINE sponsorship program

Thank you in advance for your support and for advocating for the needs of children in dark situations.

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Giving a donation to Haven Heart can help us to reach more children and transform their lives. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future