The Missionary Heart

“Care More than some think is wise. Risk more than some think is safe. Dream more than some think is practical. Expect more than some think is possible. I was called not to comfort or success, but to obedience. There is no joy outside of knowing Jesus and serving Him.”

Karen Watson


did it alL start?

a calling so strong, there is no doubt, the Spirit set the fire in our hearts

We are the Isaaks. Greg, Kait and our 3 daughters Lilia, Marissa, and Rosie. A family of 5 from Ontario, Canada.

We have been called to Nicaragua to work with orphaned and vulnerable children and families. God has given us a deep burden for the beautiful people of Nicaragua. We have deep ties to this country and we are praising God, for bringing us to a place of full time ministry, in a country we’ve been serving in since we were teenagers. Supported by our home church Forward Church Cambridge, generous individuals and our sending missions agency Assist Canada we arrived in Nicaragua in January 2021 and recently purchased our ministry property in the small rural community of Nanadayosi about 45 minutes from the airport in the main city of Managua. 

Our Story

It’s hard to say where exactly this all started. But it’s so beautifully clear, looking back over our lives, God had been preparing us for this.

Greg has been interested in missions work since he was a young boy. Son of a Pastor, he has fond memories of missionaries visiting his childhood home over the years. Listening to their stories and those of his dad’s short-term mission trips always held his attention captive. He was excited when it came time for his first mission trip at the age of 16. Amidst the poverty and beauty is where he first felt the spark that this might be in his future. 

Kait went to Nicaragua on her first mission trip at 19, and it was a defining moment in her life. Although it took a while before the Lord grew her into a place of wanting to pursue ministry full time, the seed was planted in her heart all those years ago. 

 We were foster parents in Canada for over 5 years and one of our little loves came to the point where she needed a forever family. We knew God blessed our family with a precious daughter, and our ministry in Nicaragua would have to be put on hold. 

Just when we were ready to go the world wide covid19 pandemic broke out and we were once again asked to wait and trust that God is faithful. 

A lot of people don’t understand why we would want to leave the comforts of Canada to pursue life serving in a developing nation. We only have one answer. Jesus. God has been sanctifying us greatly over the past few years. We are at the point in our walk with God, where the comforts of Canada seem so dull in compared to a faith filled adventure, living life for the Lord. We wanted to go where we would be forced to live by faith, and where we could raise our kids in the beauty of nature, serving His kingdom together as a family.  But really, we didn’t have much part in it. We just said yes to the Lord and waited for His lamp to light the path.

Our Mission is 2 Fold

To give hope and help to orphaned and vulnerable children through support, education, and love in the name of Jesus Christ.

We desire to provide a safe, strong spiritual environment in which the vulnerable and orphaned children of Nicaragua come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and seek after Him.

We believe the best way to impact these children is to develop a relationship with them, invest in their lives, meet their physical needs and lead them to Christ to meet their spiritual needs.

Knowing how impactful and powerful camps are, we desire to start a camp and feeding program. We will run day camps, after school clubs and offer a feeding program to impact those not only in the local area but in the surrounding areas and especially within the orphanages.

We desire to offer camps, Bible clubs, mentorship programs and because education and opportunity are some of the most valuable assets to give to a child in a developing country we would also like to run an English program.

Connect the Western Church to a Christ focused global responsibility.

To invite teams of people from the western world, to the developing world to experience God at work amidst poverty and hopeless situations.  We know, first hand how experiencing a missions trip (especially in your teen/young adult life) has the ability to change your life.

 We will offer full service short term mission trips including:

  • lodging
  • food
  • transportation
  • 36+ hours of ministry work
  • participation in local church services
  • building project opportunities
  • time for exploration of the beautiful country and culture of Nicaragua

We partner with ASSIST Canada, who now works in several countries but started it’s work in Nicaragua.

ASSIST seeks to partner with indigenous Christian ministries around the world in order to further the Kingdom of God. Through partnerships with local ministry groups and churches, ASSIST desires to show God’s Love and share God’s Word with those living in poverty stricken areas of the world. We desire to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals by providing humanitarian aid as well as biblical and spiritual guidance. ASSIST supports local indigenous communities through feeding programs, small business education, micro-loans, church planting, evangelism, and discipleship. ASSIST presents an opportunity for Canadians to partner in this ministry through sharing their resources in supporting this important work.