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The first step in our ministry model is building relationships and the second identifying needs. Our first year in ministry, that was our direct focus. Our programs have been designed with those 2 pieces of the model at the forefront, a lot of prayer and guidance from the Lord. Our programs have the united goal of showing God’s love in tangible ways, and providing gospel hope to vulnerable children and their families. 

Garbage Dump Ministry

We didn’t know when we arrived that we would be serving in a dump, but the Lord quickly showed us this was a great area of need. Families live and work in garbage dumps here in order to survive. They not only pick through the garbage for food but mainly for the plastic and glass so they can sell it to the recycling plant. The sight of children running barefoot through broken glass and feces gripped our hearts that we needed to be here. The education level is very low and child neglect and abuse are rampant. We have started a feeding program and family mentorship program. This is our greatest area of need currently. We have 39 children in need of sponsorship in this community.

Women and Children coming out of Prostitution and Human Trafficking Victims

We have partnered with an existing ministry to provide further support for the women and children they work with. Children and women in this residential program have been rescued from child brothels, prostitution on the streets, and extremely abusive situations. We desire to come alongside in education, emotional and spiritual support. The current ministry is very much a rescue and relief with a 4 year development program where a women graduates and receives a small house and micro loan to start a business. We come alongside with English classes, special events, mentorship and showing the residents the love of Christ.

MOMS Mentorship Program

The amount of teen mothers here due to prostitution, abuse, or lack of education is astounding. 1 in 3 women has their first baby before they are 18 and it is not uncommon for girls or 11-14 to already have a child. Our MOMS mentorship program works with teen moms to assist with basic needs for them and their babies such as formula, diapers, food, and clothing, and to come alongside them in a mentorship role with early childhood education, help with medical appointments and medications. We also provide a sexual purity and education course in partnership with a local ministry who has been serving in this area for over 15 years. 

Sports Outreach

In our direct community, we have a sports outreach program. The culture here is very much competitive and into soccer and baseball. This is a great way to meet teens where they are at. Because of the legalism that is very prevalent here, teens stop going to church with their families. Sports also provide a fun activity to other negative alternatives. Our sports program include a time of devotional and prayer, and we try to connect with other ministries doing similar things to have our teams play against each other and enjoy fellowship.

Haven Camps and Clubs

The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful community center/sport court/kitchen and bathrooms. We partner with our local communities, existing ministries and churches to provide a day camp or club experience for at risk children. Through activities, sports and play we thread gospel hope and help to hurting children. Our camps are either full day or in the form of a club which is a shorter version. Sports, baking, crafts, English classes, education support are all a part of our camp and club programming.

Discipleship & Leadership Development

The Protege Discipleship program is currently in 30 churches all over the country, serving over 500 youth. It is a mentorship and leadership development program for Pastors and their youth. We joined the leadership team when we were new in our host country, our property was not yet developed, and we were eager to jump into ministry. It has been a joy to serve alongside the directors. We handle the admin and help with the events and retreats they host, as well as Church visits and Pastor mentorship.

Education is One of The Best Gifts we can Give

Education is a great need in this country. We are currently looking at developing a more structured tutoring program. Please pray for the support of educated locals here to assist in this area.