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How can your church partner with Haven Heart?

Our work is all about partnership. We partner with Western churches, and local churches to create a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship for the purpose of transforming the lives of vulnerable and at-risk children, beyond the capacity of any of us individually. We desire to see visible outcomes and transformation founded in our faith in Jesus Christ.

At Haven Heart, we strongly believe His church has been called to be the hands and feet of Christ in this broken and sin-filled world. The Western church has a great responsibility to the church in developing nations. We are called to care for the vulnerable and poor. To who much is given, much is required.

As disciples, we have all been blessed with different gifts and capacities. We simply can’t bring mentorship, discipleship, food, clean water, safe homes, and education to the vulnerable children and families in Nicaragua without our church partners. If your church is looking to be involved in bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth and impacting lives in incredible ways, we invite you to partner with us to further the cause of Christ in Central America.

How Can Your Church Partner with Haven Heart?

1. Prayer Support: First and foremost we need bodies of believers praying for our kingdom-building efforts. Join our monthly newsletter to be updated on what’s going on here and how you can be in specific prayer for Haven Heart.

2. Financially invest in our work: While financial support is necessary for the existence of any ministry, our goal is to enter into relationships with our church partners. The next 3 options are ways your church can take ownership within Haven Heart’s mission.

3. Join us for an Advocacy Trip: See our Trips page for more info. Our hope is that you’ll get a sense of what Haven Heart is all about and the type of projects you may want to help us complete.

3. Complete a project: Select a project that your church wants to help complete. Completing a project can be done without traveling here. Options would be to participate in a construction project, host a day of discipleship camp or special event, help improve the mentorship or education program, or sponsor a select group of kids/community. Haven Heart will assist you in developing ideas on how to best engage your church in completing the project.

4. Update your congregation: We are committed to keeping our church partners updated with video updates or in-person “Ministry Spotlights” at your church. Our hope is that your congregation would know that it is an active participant in sharing the gospel and the love of God in tangible ways to the vulnerable and at-risk children we serve.

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Current Projects

Here are some of our current projects in need of partnership



SHINE is our discipleship and mentorship program for vulnerable children and teen mothers. Sponsor one of our 33 children, or 6 teen mothers in need. $35 monthly goes towards, school supplies, uniform, food and clean water access and sanitation solutions for the community as a whole.

Raised: $7140 / $16,380 yearly goal

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Church Partners

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Total profit will support for the vulnerable children we serve in our SHINE sponsorship program

Thank you in advance for your support and for advocating for the needs of children in dark situations.

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Giving a donation to Haven Heart can help us to reach more children and transform their lives. Join your hands with ours, for a better life and beautiful future.