After staying in San Juan del Sur in the Southern part of Nicaragua for our first 4 months here, enrolled in language classes and trying to adjust to the culture, the Lord opened the door for us to purchase a property in Nandayosi, Nicaragua. A small rural community on the main road connecting the 2 largest cities. Managua and León.

When we went on our vision trip in 2019, we quickly learned the needs are so great and that no matter what, churches, organizations and individuals need help. We didn’t want to come in with “our solutions” but rather be vessels to allow God to work through us in whatever capacity He wants.

We were encouraged by other missionaries to focus on our giftings and talents and present the vision God has laid on our hearts. We let God do the rest and trusted He would put us in the right location and he led us here. It is great access to the major cities while still being submerged in a rural area where there is great need for the gospel and tangible gifts of God’s love. 

We have just under 2 acres with our home being in the back and front just waiting to be developed into our ministry property. Our vision for the property is a multi purpose community centre, with bathrooms and a small kitchen that we will be able to run all of our programs out of. 

Please be in prayer as we raise funds and find builders to start this project – we are hoping to break ground very soon. 

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