Current Projects

Do you as an individual, or together with your small group or church want to sponsor one of Haven Heart’s needed projects? Contribute some or all and partner with us today! 

Immediate Need


The roads have been disintegrating and turning into rivers with the intense rainy season we have been having this year. We are in urgent need of a reliable, used 4x4 truck in order to access many of our areas of ministry..

Raised: $12,200 / $17,000 (US Dollars)

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SHINE Sponsorship Program

SHINE is our discipleship and mentorship program for vulnerable children and teen mothers. Sponsor one of our 33 children, or 6 teen mothers in need. $35 monthly goes towards, school supplies, uniform, food and clean water access and sanitation solutions for the community as a whole.

Raised: $0 / $16,380 yearly goal

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Building Projects - *FENCE*

 We just completed the construction of a kitchen and bathroom addition to our community center. 

Our next need for the building project is a fence. The quoted cost is $2500 – The fence is a security measure to separate the ministry centre from our personal residence, as well as to fence off the pool. 

We often have 100+ people here including children and most of the people we serve do not know how to swim. Pools are not a common thing for the average family in our ministry, so the children do not understand pool safety, and the adults wouldn’t know how to save them if the unimaginable happened. Sponsorship of this project is needed to keep the children safe when we have ministry events. (Please mark fence in your donation notes)

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Church Partners

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