Go and Make Disciples of ALL Nations.  

(Matthew 28:19)  

What an honour and privilege it is to go and serve in Central America.  God presented this opportunity many months ago through some dear friends at a Worship service and ever since then we’ve journeyed with Him to know if we were meant to go.  It’s been a rollercoaster of highs and lows while learning patience and surrender along the way.  At the last minute, we realized there was much to give and to receive from this opportunity and decided to take a step of faith.

As parents to three beautiful children, our heart is for our family to experience and serve God together wherever and whenever He calls us.  Kelsey and Roxann have served at many senior lunches and serve in children’s ministry once a month, Ethan helped at the Easter community event and summer VBS, and together as a family we served at a City Mission in Toronto and opened our home to foster care and adoption.  Children grow up fast and we desire to partner with God to walk alongside them, to model and teach them His ways (Deuteronomy 6:9) so, this opportunity made sense because it aligns and especially as our two oldest children are now teenagers and can glean much from this experience.  Unfortunately, David and Levi will not be able to join us however we are thankful, David is willing to serve at home, working diligently to provide for our family and to carefully watch our almost two year old who is very curious and busy.

Roxann’s heart and calling for missions, family and children has been evident over the years and has been expressed in different ways.  She has served on two other missions trips, one to Kenya and one to the Dominican Republic.  She has also served as the Director of Children & Family ministry for over ten years and recently has jumped into supporting the foster care and adoption community.  All of these experiences beautifully yield with this mission in Central America and makes her heart happy to know that God continues to use her passion and most importantly, to share this experience by serving alongside her teenage children.

Young people are hungry for something more today and there seems to be a spiritual awakening brewing (ie Asbury university revival).  It’s exciting to see that God is speaking to this next generation. I heard a speaker share that our ultimate purpose in life is to “press back darkness to usher in the light” (Laurie Krieg). I found this statement profound.  If only the next generation understood their purpose no matter where they are or what they are doing.   We are praying we can discover and fulfill this purpose as we serve in this restricted country in Central America .

We are extremely thankful to the missionaries, Kait and Greg Isaak along with Giselle and Carlos Martinez, for all their heartwork in providing this opportunity.  Here are a few videos to help you understand who we will be serving and what we will be doing. 

As part of this step of faith, we now look to others to partner with us in prayer and/or financially.  Ethan and Kelsey both have part-time jobs and will be contributing a portion of their personal finances towards their own flights but we would like to cover the remainder of their costs.  

We realize that not everyone is called to go but together we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to this restricted nation.  If you feel led to support us, you can give below. Tax receipts are issued. We appreciate any amount and look forward to sharing all that God does in and through this mission trip.

Prayer requests…

-our eyes will be open to the world and how other people live

-stir in our hearts a hunger for compassion and generosity

-to see and experience God at work in and through the team

-to be used to usher in His light to those living in darkness

-travel safety

-Levi’s transitions to being with different caregivers

-David to manage work and Levi

-for all of us to have fun while serving God and connecting with others


Roxann, David, Ethan, Kelsey and Levi Morrow