Carlos and Giselle, together with their children Leo and Bella will be embarking on a 3 month-long mid-term mission trip, to join the Haven Heart Ministry Team. God has been moving deeply in their lives, since visiting family, last winter. 

Giselle, has a deep burden for the women and children of her home country who live in poverty and vulnerable situations. Carlos is passionate about building up men in his experience with men’s ministry retreats. Their love for the Lord, unique journey in faith, and the asset of being fully bilingual makes it evident how the Lord has been preparing their path to serve in this way. 

You may not be called to go, but you can be a part of their support system. Carlos and Giselle are looking for 100 prayer partners and have set a financial fundraising goal of $25,000  Will you join their team? 

However, and wherever God leads you, you are exploring how your passions intersect with God’s heart. Carlos and Giselle are taking a huge step of faith. With open hands and teachable spirits, they are excited to dive head first into this ministry opportunity, to play a part in building God’s kingdom.

Their flight takes off January 2023. We can’t wait to see what God will do, in and through them