My name is Kellea and I have been incredibly blessed to be introduced to missions work over the last 9 years.  My first trip to Cambodia in 2015 was truly a step out in FAITH.  I struggled with significant anxiety so heading across the world was somewhat overwhelming. BUT GOD was with me and the experience was incredible.  Since that time I have been back to Cambodia 3 times and last summer I was privileged to go to Tanzania with Forward church.  Both in Cambodia and Tanzania we were visiting and working with schools run by Christian leaders who were born and  live in the country. These schools provide much needed education, Christian teaching and nutrition to the children. 
This year will be a little different.  We are going to visit missionaries Kait and Greg.  They are missionaries right out of FORWARD church who were called by GOD to support young mothers in Nicaragua under the ministry Haven Heart.  You can google it..they are doing amazing things.  We will get to work with Kait and Greg and support what they are doing.  My career of working alongside moms and children will hopefully come in handy as I meet and share with these delightful people.  
I look forward to the opportunity to meet, educate and pray for these moms. As well we will be supporting their ministry to the  people who live down the road from them and live on a garbage dump.  
All of the worries I had before my first trip come rushing back but I know that when doing each mission trip I have felt closer to GOD than I have ever felt before.  I have watched him work in my life, my team partners and the people I have the privilege to meet while away.  
Will YOU PRAY FOR ME?  I am looking for a team to pray for me daily.  I will send you specific details to pray for as we get closer. 
Will you help support me on this trip.  I have been very blessed previously from friends, colleagues from my work, church friends and others who have supported me financially.  Many have told me that although they cannot go on a trip like this they appreciate being able to partner with funds to help me go.  I am so thankful for this.  The approximate cost of the trip is $2500 but I would like to try and raise $3500 so I have some extra money to bless the ministry there. SPECIFICALLY, I WOULD LIKE to raise funds for Haven Heart’s teen mother program that assists teen mothers living in poverty or are mothers by means of abuse. The goal of the program is to teach life skills, teach biblical parenting and grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Christ and give their children hope and a future.