Hello, my name is Carys Hartley. I’ve been attending Forward Church with my family for over 10 years and have recently become a member of the church. I grew up in a
Christian household and have declared Jesus Lord and Saviour of my life after experiencing His great creation and encountering Him on a wilderness camping trip in Northern Ontario.

I love being around people, especially children. Growing up in the church, I would volunteer to serve in classes with young children. Seeing their smiling faces and their
curiosity to learn about God was exciting for me. I continued to experience this when I went on a missionary trip with Forward Church last summer to Tanzania. I believe
learning about God at a young age is a great starting point to grow in your relationship with Him, to strengthen your faith no matter what life throws at you. I also love caring
and helping others. As a practical nurse, I get to do both and work as a team with other healthcare providers and the patients’ family. Interacting with other people encouraged
me to grow in curiosity, learn from others, and grow in knowledge.

When I heard that Forward Church was putting together a team to go to Nicaragua, I felt an urge from God to apply to participate in the trip and was happy that God has
placed me on the team. I enjoy being placed outside of my comfort zone because I believe that is where I learn the most, to challenge and get to know myself better.
Being a servant of God is an amazing calling to answer, to be open to what He has in store to help me along my journey in my relationship with God. Haven Heart Ministry is
an amazing ministry in Nicaragua that works with vulnerable and at-risk children and their families to provide them with basic needs of care, guiding them towards Jesus,
providing them with education, and clean water and nutrition for health. We will be interacting with the children and their families including children with disabilities and teen moms who live in poverty. We will also be helping them through mentoring programs, and teaching life skills training to youth and teen moms. My heart goes out to
those in need and I would like your help.

There are two ways you can help. Firstly, I would like to ask for your prayers for this trip and the team as we interact with them and show God’s love to them. Please pray that
we will see God at work in ourselves and in the lives of others, in the children, moms and families. Pray for encouragement and humbleness and to serve with a servant
heart of God. Secondly, I would ask for your help financially. I would like to raise $3,000 to help cover the cost of the trip and a little extra for the Haven Heart Ministry. Every
contribution helps, doesn’t matter how big or small, that helps makes a positive impact in someone else’s life.

Thank you for your consideration. I appreciate your help and support in joining me on this journey.

God bless.