Buying a Car in Nicaragua

Like most things, the process of buying a van here in Nicaragua is a lot more complicated and time consuming that what we are used to.

Buying a car in Nicaragua as an expat is hard because you cannot own the car in your name without residency. We are thankful for our dear friend Wilberto who is not only the registered owner but also our driver.

Driving in Nicaragua is still a bit intimidating to us, we know we have to learn eventually but we need to get licenses here, learn the language so we can communicate when we get pulled over. (Very common for expats here.) We also need more time to observe. There are a lot of motorcycles that whip through the lanes and getting in an accident as a foreigner it is kind of a big deal!

So for now we are happy to let Wilberto drive our family around as part of our ministry team.

We are also using the van to pick up and drop kids for the ministry program we have started on Saturdays at the church we are attending in San Juan Del Sur as well as pick up and drop off Church members and kids on Sunday mornings! Our 15 passenger Van is getting great use already – we usually fit about 25 kids in there, as the rules of the road are a lot more relaxed here.  

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