3 weeks and a Surprise!

Christmas season is coming and as we all navigate a holiday covid season like never before, things are starting to hit us in a new perspective. 

When I envisioned saying goodbye to our family and friends before heading off to our God given calling to Nicaragua,  is was large gatherings and times of prayer with people laying hands over us. It was not, not even being able to see most of our family and friends, let alone giving them a hug for the last time in a long time, or even forever. 

Covid certainly has changed everything for everyone. We know we are not unique or special to the effects. But if anything, it has only strengthened what we know to be true. Our only hope is found in our Saviour Jesus Christ and our lives should be lived in a way that reflects that. Our lives should be poured out for him.

We are not living for the temporary here on earth, we are living for eternity. 

To our non Christian friends and family this move seems crazy, and they express their thoughts of fear for our family. But no matter what is said to us, we know what is true. We know we serve a good and loving God and this is His will for us. We are safer in His will there, then we would ever be here. 

To some of our Christian friends this move seems a little wild to them too. They don’t quite understand, but support it because they know God has called us to it. These special friendships are some of the hardest goodbyes.

Whatever our calling is, whatever your calling is, whatever part of the body you are called to be, we pray we all do it in excellence and strength and to His glory.

We pray worldly distractions are removed and your clear calling is put before you as ours was for us. When you walk worthy of the manner He has called you, this is where His glory is magnified. 

So please don’t be fearful for us, we know our mighty God goes before us and is with us every step of the way. Please be excited for us, that we have been chosen to live our lives poured out for the cause of the orphan, widow and oppressed. Serving our amazing Father with every gift He has blessed us with. And please don’t stop praying. We know we are about to step into a major spiritual battle and we need an army of prayer warriors behind us every step of the way. 

I’m going to end this with an extra special prayer request.  God has given us an extra special team member (to our shock and surprise) and although this makes things slightly more complicated we are so thankful for the opportunity to bring, Lord willing another Christ follower into this world. 

Baby Isaak Due June 2021

And to get the ball rolling with some answers to some questions I’m sure will come.

  • This wasn’t planned by us but God’s timing is always perfect and we are so thankful for this special blessing
  • Yes, we will be having the baby in Nicaragua
  • No we are not scared to deliver a baby in a developing country
  • Yes, the baby will have Nicaraguan Citizenship

So thank you for being a part of this! We thank you for your prayers, your support, your excitement for us and your encouragement! 

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